Senior QA Engineer -Broomfield, CO. To ensure...

Senior QA Engineer -Broomfield, CO.
To ensure that s/ware releases meet quality assurance specifications w/ regard to expected features, functionality & quality.
Rqmts incl.
MS in Electronics Engg, Electrical Engg, Comp Sci or Computer Engg & 2 yrs' exp in the job offd or as a QA Engr/ Analyst; employer will accept a BS in the same fields & 5 yrs' exp in the job offd or as a QA Engr/Analyst; & working knowl of White Box Testing, Test track, Putty, Microsoft SQL server, & PHP.
Resume to:
Webroot, Inc.
, Attn:
HR, 385 Interlocken Crescent, Ste 800, Broomfield, CO 80021.
Ref job #50SC1.

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