Mechanical Engineer

Company Name:
Escape Dynamics, Inc.
Position Type:
Escape Dynamics is a Colorado-based advanced technology company focused on the development of extremely efficient and sustainable aerospace propulsion systems. We are building the first electromagnetically-powered commercial space launch system, and are developing wireless energy transfer technologies that will allow the transition of space launch and aircraft flight from fossil-fuels to sustainable electrical energy beamed directly from the terrestrial power grid.
The company is growing and expanding its operations. We are looking for a talented Mechanical Engineer to join the High Power Microwaves group and help us develop components of our microwave systems and wireless energy transfer systems.
Conceptual design, prototyping, and development of compact cooling systems
Assistance with design and prototyping of vacuum systems
Optimization of designs and development of new fabrication methods for high power microwave and wireless energy transfer systems
Heat transfer, mechanical FEA and CFD analysis to validate and optimize designs
CAD modeling of components and assemblies using Autodesk Inventor
Assistance with testing, test setup and data acquisition
Preparation of engineering drawings for in-house and outsourced fabrication
Selection of raw materials, components, and manufacturers
Aid in design and testing of various applications of microwave systems

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